Supporting Research in Primary Care

We are proud to be a Research Ready Accredited Practice. We work collaboratively with the NIHR Clinical Research Network which is the Research arm of the NHS.  Clinical Research is very important to improve care, treatments and ultimately patients’ quality of life.

We support several different types of Primary Care studies which have been ethically approved.  The current Clinicians involved in research are Dr. Alice Griffiths-Jones, Mrs. Clare Starling (ANP), Mr. Cathal Daly (Pharmacist), Mr. Jordan Fulcher (Pharmacist), Annabel Hipperson (Lead Receptionist). We are always expanding the research team so this team will grow.

We are Research Ready accredited until 2021. Ultimately, clinical research means patients get access to new treatments, interventions and medicines. Investment in research means better, more cost-effective care for patients. Anyone registered with the practice could help shape the future of health care by considering and helping with research projects that you may be invited to participate in. Participation in any research is voluntary. You may refuse to take part in research without if affecting your usual medical care

NOAR (Norfolk Arthritis Register) is an ongoing study involving longterm follow up of patients with possible inflammatory arthritis. Please click on the link for more information 

ATTACK  We are about to start this study which is looking at whether a low dose of aspirin daily can help prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with kidney disease. Please see the link for more information Specific criteria need to be met to be involved in this study

BICS is a research study on the treatment of COPD. The study team is trying to find out if flare-ups of COPD can be prevented by using a tablet called Bisoprolol.  Bisoprolol is a beta-blocker that has been widely used for a long time to treat heart problems, but it now seems that bisoprolol might also reduce flare-ups of COPD regardless of heart problems. Please click on the link for further information

CHIPPS We have recently been involved in this study where they were looking at optimizing medications in people in care homes. This study generated income and benefited the elderly patients in Care Homes. Please see link for more information

Join Dementia Research We support the research and urge people to follow the link below if you would like to register support or interest in taking part in research about Dementia. Leaflets are available at reception. 

How patient information may be used for research

All NHS organisations (including Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland) are expected to participate and support health and care research. The Health Research Authority and government departments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales set standards for NHS organisations to make sure they protect your privacy and comply with the law when they are involved in the research. Our research ethics committees review research studies to make sure that the research uses of data about you are in the public interest, and meet ethical standards. To find out more about how your information may be used in research and your rights, please click on the link below.