Quality Practice Award

The practice aspires to provide good quality medicine and has made the systematic, evidence based management of chronic disease the foundation for much of its activity. This effort has been consolidated by encouraging all staff to participate in working towards the Quality practice Award. This long-term project has been constructed under the auspices of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

Following our assessor visit we have achieved recommendation for the Quality practice Award. Congratulations to all of the staff for their hard work in gaining this award. Thank you to all of the patients who very kindly gave their consent for their medical records to be viewed by the assessors and to the patients who participated in the assessor interviews.

quality practice award

The Quality practice Award (QPA) is a criterion-based quality accreditation process undertaken by Primary Health Care Teams across the United Kingdom. The purpose of the award is to improve patient care by encouraging and supporting practices to deliver the very highest quality care to their patients. The Quality practice Award recognises the commitment of the entire team, including the attached staff, in providing high quality care for patients within a learning and adaptive environment.

QPA is the highest attainable award available from the college, it requires more in the way of assessment of patient experience, it has a large clinical component and asks the contributing team members to demonstrate reflective learning. All of the QPA criteria must be met to achieve the award.


GP Enterprise Awards

Elmham Surgery has been awarded the GP Enterprise Awards 2012: Best Use of Media and Technology for the creation of the Elmham Wiki.

This practice has transformed the sharing of information within the surgery team by creating a wiki which contains all of the latest guidelines, protocols, bulletins and contact details.

Congratulations to all of the staff at Elmham Surgery, in particular the members of staff involved in the creation of the Elmham Wiki.