Active Practice Status

We are a registered ‘Parkrun Practice’ and recently Elmham Group of Practices have been awarded the ‘Active Practice Status, an award set up jointly by both Sport England  and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to help promote more physical activity of both the staff working for GP Practices as well as their patients.

To achieve the Charter Status the Practice had to demonstrate a commitment to actively promote physical health for all at the practice. Some of the actions already being promoted by the practices have included opportunities for staff and patients to take part in physical activity through the weekly  Park Runs  and visiting well-known Norfolk Walks. The team is looking forward to using the park run facilities again once it is safe to do so. It has been sorely missed.

During lockdown, staff and family from our  Practices have also been able to access a whole range of free online classes, took part in online virtual challenges, raising money for various charities. Most recently during the month of October, colleagues from our Practices signed up and took part in the virtual challenge, setting their own targets in walking, running & cycling. Together they completed  1 172.85 miles, raising a total of £1  545.09  for the charity  MIND ‘Leave Nothing but Footprints’ .

To achieve the Award, the Practices also had to show how they encourage their own patients to take enough physical exercise. We advertise links via our website and social media to ‘Active Norfolk’ who provides information and opportunities for people in Norfolk to be more active during the Covid-19   outbreak and in the future.

Any Public Health campaign supporting healthy lifestyle and regular exercise has our support and backing. A Cycle to Work scheme is also available to all employees.

As a Group of Practices we are really committed to promoting the value of regular physical activity for both our patients and our staff. Even just a small amount of regular exercise daily can have huge health impacts and reduce health risks.  We are delighted to receive the Award and also look forward to working with our staff and patients to continue to promote healthy lifestyles and well-being. 

Published: Nov 19, 2020