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Updated 15.7.2021

Throughout the past months we have tried to keep everyone regularly updated on the activity of the Practice. Covid-19 has presented multiple challenges to everybody and continues to do so at this knife-edged moment of balancing everyone returning to work, schools & universities in a world experiencing a global pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic the Surgeries have never closed, nor have we ever stopped providing any healthcare to our patients. However, care delivery is sometimes different and maintaining a smooth running service is a constant challenge, which we work as a team to overcome.

There are some areas which we recognise as being frustrating to our patients and I will try to address these individually.

“Why can we not access the Surgery or come to see someone?”

People rarely see ‘behind the scenes’ in any healthcare setting. Whilst every shop, school or business actively prevents people with any symptoms of illness from entering the premises, a clinicians work consists of regular contact with people who are the most unwell. The Doctors and Nurses have to see the sickest and most vulnerable patients, keeping each patient, and themselves, safe.

One of the main ways of controlling this is ensuring we know who is entering the building, when and in which area they are seen in, keeping people separated and safe. We phone people to discuss their symptoms mainly because we can often offer advice and treatment without needing to see everyone, and to co-ordinate the logistics of those that we need to see and physically examine.

We know that each patient we see may potentially have Coronavirus. The risk to the Surgery of an outbreak is staff sickness, the need for isolation and disruption to that service. There is a risk of potential closure of the Practice in the event of an outbreak.  We continue to wear full PPE when seeing everyone, we socially distance around the workplace even wearing masks in our offices and we work remotely at times to keep all our patients and staff as safe as possible.

Booking Appointments
  • General appointments

We currently do not offer the online appointment booking service. We are currently working to ‘same day’ appointments.   Reception will ask for details so they can ensure we get the right person for your care. There aren’t any ‘traditional’ appointment times, you will be added to the list and a clinician will call you that day. If you need to be seen you will be asked to attend the surgery after a telephone consultation.

  • Planned Care - This is includes:
  • Chronic Illness Management
  • INR tests
  • Blood Tests
  • Baby Immunisations
  • Cervical Screening
  • Larcs (coil fitting and implants)
  • Medication Reviews

Reception will be glad to clarify if you have any questions.

Dispensary and Prescriptions

We have and are continuing to experience an unprecedented demand on the Dispensary Services. This is impacting both the waiting turnaround times and supplies of medication. We are trying several methods to overcome the challenges of the dispensing of medications.

  • Home and Remote Delivery

We have extended our medication home-delivery service and you may have seen the new van driving around the area. This is a free service and available to all and can be organised by:

  • Contacting dispensary via telephone where we can update your delivery preference
  • Email via our website
  • Using the Online service choosing the collection point
  • Write on your paper prescription request

Please note that you will need to be home to accept the delivery. If you work then it may be better for you to choose the remote service, which is where we drop off prescriptions to local shops and post offices as they may have later opening hours and weekend opening.

  • Collection Times

Please, help us by allowing us at least 3 full working days to prepare your medications. Please collect within 10 working days of your collection date as noted below.

Request date

Collection date from












In conclusion, stay safe and do all you can to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Wash your hands, wear a mask and keep social distances. We will continue to provide you with all your care needs and continually review and improve those areas that sometimes cause frustrations.

We appreciate any feedback and will continue our regular communication as to what we are doing and planning to keep everyone informed.

Andy Johnson - Clinical Manager

Published: Jul 15, 2021