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by Anonymous gave Elmham Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Excellent and prompt service, thank you all.

Having rung the Surgery this morning I was telephoned by the Doctor after morning surgery. He prescribed antibiotics for my husband and as I was not feeling very well, asked me to visit the surgery so he could listen to my chest. 20 minutes later I arrived, was seen immediately and also given antibiotics - What a wonderful service. This Practice has always looked after us extremely well. Sometimes there is a short wait for an appointment but if it is urgent they respond very quickly. The people working there are always helpful and go the extra mile to help, we are very lucky and grateful for their help.

Visited in April 2019, Posted on 29 May 2019

by Anonymous gave Elmham Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Thank you Dr.

It was the first time I have had a triage call. I was in agony with my foot. The phone call back from the doctor was prompt, some tablets were dispensed and my husband picked them up. All this happened in less than an hour. Thanks to the receptionist and the Doctor I am recovering.

Visited in August 2018, Posted on 21 August 2018

by Anonymous gave Elmham Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Really kind and caring staff

This doctors surgery is really amazing. It is so personal and friendly. You are treated like a person not just a number. The staff will do everything they can to deal with your issues. The receptionists are lovely and will always do their very best to fit you in as soon as possible. Such quality deserves to be recognised!

Visited in June 2018, Posted on 22 June 2018

by Anonymous gave Elmham Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Dispensary - you can order prescriptions online!

The surgery offers a wonderful range of services and has genuine caring staff.
Nurse Practitioners are able to see common place conditions and the doctors look after the complex patients and visit care homes.

There is online prescribing, which this site says there isn't, and is why I wanted to comment - it is a link on the website and works really well. The surgery also delivers medicine if you are housebound.

Visited in October 2017, Posted on 21 December 2017